Arra Resources is looking to lead by example to have Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses work together to provide mutually beneficial outcomes for all contracts and maintenance work.

  • Arra Resources Pty Ltd are invited to participate in a tender;
  • Arra are invited to tender and for which the scope of works within that tender
    encompass the sevices rendered by Ready Resources; and
  • Ready Resources are invited to tender for the performance of maintenance works
    (in its skill set) which require compliance to State Government Aboriginal Participation policies, Commonwealth Indigenous Procurement Policy or otherwise for projects that require minimum Aboriginal Participation percentages to be achieved.

Arra Group’s mission is to empower organisations and individuals in achieving business and career goals through high quality staffing services that focus on providing optimal candidates who meet their requirements. Arra Group is also fully committed to improving Indigenous employment rates across all clients. We are focused on;

  • Supplying superior client services and creative staffing strategies to our customers.
  • Exceeding the expectations set forth by our customers.
  • Responding to the ever-changing needs of our customers and always being the company of choice, not only for our clients but for our associates as well.
  • Being your staffing partner of choice!
  • Being recognised as candidate friendly.
  • A full suite of staffing solutions including Long-term Contract Staffing, Temp-to-Hire Placement, Direct Hire, Permanent Placement, Temporary Resource Services, Shut and Civil teams (Operators / Labourers / Trade Qualified Personnel).
  • Arra Group delivers a screening process that includes in-depth interviews, qualification verification, criminal and employment background checks, comprehensive drug screens and detailed reference investigations.
  • Comprehensive employee benefits.
  • Online Employee Evaluations.
  • A fully automated payroll function for payments, timesheet reporting and invoicing.
  • Electrical Contract Maintenance Services.
  • We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, open communication and excellent customer service. Matching local business needs with high-calibre candidates with job and career opportunities is our passion. We listen to individual needs and customise personnel solutions for both businesses and workers.
  • We are passionate about providing meaningful and sustainable employment for Indigenous workers.

Arra Group Pty Ltd, are a majority Indigenous, owned, managed and controlled company. Arra Group is an experienced labour hire provider to companies and projects across regional and Metropolitan Western Australia in Oil and Gas, Mining, Resources, Government, Defence and Infrastruture projects, with a focus on employment and training opportunities for Indigenous people.

Ready Resources is a solutions and innovation driven specialist maintenance contractor specialising in multiple disciplines acorss the mining industry whose Electrical, Mechanical, Mobile Equipment Maintenance, and Fixed Plant divisions offer end to end maintenance project execution that encompasses all facets of execution, planning and maintenance.

Arra Resources is looking to lead by example to have Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses work together to provide
mutually beneficial outcomes for all contracts and maintenance work.

In line with WA State Aboriginal procurement policiy, Commonwealth Indigenous Procurement Policy and projects that require Indigenous business and Aboriginal Participation targets and percentages.


Ready Resources is an experienced asset maintenance specialist service company with over 10 over years’ experience in Mining Electrical /Auto Electrical and Heavy Mechanical, Air conditioning maintenance and repairs within the State of Western Australia.

Our company’s business Philosophy is based upon providing our clients high quality service at a fair and reasonable cost. To achieve this our business has been structured to meet all relevant ISO standard.


Is to grow our business by continual improvement in our services, ensuring that our people have the most up to date skills knowledge and experience plus training and management allowing us to efficiently and effectively deal with all our client’s request.

Continual development to combined strength experience and knowledge allowing us to effectively manage and deliver a quality service regardless of the complexity or scale of the project.

To develop and maintain excellent and productive communications with all stakeholders and other interested parties ensuring that all parties concerns and issues are heard and dealt with in a professional and business manner.

To continually look for opportunities were we can both improve our client’s operation and reduce their costing by supplying a variable and innovative solutions to achieve greater realisation of value to their existing service.


A positive organisational culture developed around Quality, Safety and the Environment, built around efficient and cost effective management, with a strong and diverse business with an ethical structure that cares for its people and our Client’s.


Ready Resources has over the past years developed an excellent track record of delivering our clients a professional and quality specialist service that not only meets their requirements but exceeds them in most instances.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a Holistic solution maintenance program, systems that can and will improve their productivity. Our client’s services vary and range from technical and advisory through to installation, commissioning, maintenance and ongoing operational repairs and services on a day to day basis. We are a solutions driven business and our key focus is addressing our clients needs and identifying the gaps, to provide a end to end service.

Electrical: Fully Electrical licenced contractor, with operational experience in both Mining (Both Fixed Plant and Mobile Equipment Maintenance), Industrial-Domestic, Instrumentation and High/Low voltage Power repairs and Maintenance, diagnostic and fault finding capabilities.

Auto Electrical: Highly skilled personnel with operational experience and capabilities for both light and heavy plant/vehicles.

Mechanical: Highly skilled personnel with operational experience and capabilities in both light and heavy vehicles, with recognised Heavy Mobile Equipment (HME) maintenance and repair personnel.

Fabrication: Highly skilled personnel with experience and capabilities in both Fixed Plant and Mobile Equipment Maintenance (Bucket repairs, crack repairs, GET maintenance). Coded and certified welders with NDT technical capabilities.

Air Conditioning: Fully Certified ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council) certification, with highly skilled personnel with operational experience to deal with all Aircon maintenance overhauls, maintenance planning and shutdown coordination.

JOINT CAPABILITY and Scope of Services:

MEM – Mobile Equipment Maintenance

  • Hydraulic Hose and Fitting Division – Hose Technicians
  • Machine Wash Division – Washing Technicians
  • Servicemen
  • Indigenous HD Mechanic Apprentices
  • Indigenous Mechanical Trade Assistance – Transition platform for HD Apprenticeship
  • Indigenous Tool-store persons
  • Indigenous Site administrators

Fixed Plant – Electrical Maintenance

  • Electricians (7 ATSI Electricians – under the Arra Resources Employment pool)
  • E&I Electricians
  • High Voltage Electricians
  • Indigenous Electrical Apprentices
  • Indigenous Electrical Trade Assistants
  • Electrical Planners and Schedulers
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